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1. We teach with passion and do our best to deliver the best accurate knowledge to the student!

2. Our courses are based in professional cognitive experiments on giving the best solution for the student to learn as fast as possible!

3. We are here to help students at anytime, you just have to write the question about what you are in doubt and we'll be more than happy to answer back to you!


Education Billboard is an online education platform with a goal to give the best courses to online students around the globe. The company collaborates with various professionals around the world helping to create the best courses for the student. It's very important for us to establish a very easily connection between us and students but between students as well. They will have the opportunity to create connections with each other by asking and answering questions about the topic. Our courses conduct video lectures, quizzes and documents that will help you and facilitate your learning. They are rated above 4.5/5.0 which depicts the quality and the student opinions about our courses. Udemy offers a great interface to promote our courses and you are very lucky to have ended up in this page. We will be happy to be your teacher and help you achieve your goals!

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We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions that you have about the course, you simply have to write to us and we will reply in a few hours...

Lum Dalipi, CEO of Education Billboard - Computer Sciences and Information Management Systems at Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal. He is the Project Manager of Education Billboard Platform. He conceptualizes the initiative of creating online courses as a wonderful revolutionizing way of education. He is keen in arts and film production. Lum believes that everyone can learn anything, it's just a matter how they are taught from the beginning.

Lum cooperates with professionals working to create best perceivable courses possible. He works for Pema Production - Marketing and Media company and is part of "Qeshu-Smile" non-governmental organization for youth and human rights. 

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