Luisa Costa De Oliveira

English teacher as a second language

I have always been a teacher (I used to teach my teddy bears and dolls), but I started teaching for real when I was 17 after living one year in the United States and taking a Teacher’s Training Course for English teachers.

Then I went to college and I got a degree on Physical Education, which helped me discover that being a teacher is a vocation, and that reflects on my dynamic way of teaching.

I did my graduate studies on Psychopedagogy, which was fundamental in my formation as a teacher because it allowed me to develop my knowledge on learning and teaching aspects.

I worked in many schools, most of them bilingual ones with kids of all ages (3-13 years old) and in some language courses too, where I worked with adults and teenagers. I also had my own little school where I had small groups and some private students too.

I have been teaching through Skype for 3 years now and I love using the technology to improve my classes.

I developed a website, which is like a window shop of language teachers who teach online. Each teacher has their profile, schedule and prices posted on the website and the students choose the one that best fits their needs. I developed this website because I wanted to create an environment,where teachers have more freedom, feel more appreciated and  can do what they do best: to teach! I believe happy teachers teach better, therefore students learn more, so everybody wins!

I am Brazilian, so I speak Portuguese and teach Conversation Classes of Brazilian Portuguese. I also speak and teach English. I speak Spanish but don’t teach it. At least, not yet!

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