Louise Armstrong

NLP Coach, Counselor & Hypnotherapist

As a Family Relationship Coach Louise transforms lives one by one; empowering women to heal their relationships, letting go of the pain & hurt to enjoying love, peace and fulfillment in their lives.

Having healed a lifelong destructive relationship with her mother totally alone, which also impacted greatly on her eldest daughter, she now enjoys a very loving relationship with both of these special people in her life.

Without having a single conversation with the person who is hurting them Louise helps women to live life of freedom with a clear heart.

Her mission is to touch the hearts of women worldwide spreading the message that change in any relationship starts on the inside letting go of the pain and hurt.

Louise offers women a place of comfort and support taking them through step by step programs where they learn how to create a positive mind set, permanently remove self limiting beliefs, trusting their intuition to achieve those audacious goals.

Her message to all of you is the process is so much easier and less daunting than she could ever have imagined and the change is permanent, this is the driving force behind her passion.

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