Louise Armstrong is on a mission to help women in their midlife years have the confidence and clarity to enjoy the second half of their lives, leaving behind any barriers, opening up a future filled with inner peace and contentment in their careers, relationships and health.

Having experienced huge financial setbacks whereby her outgoings were greater than her income, traumatic family relationships that were deteriorating by the day and a series of health issues that caused her a drastic career change, she knew she had to do something but she had no idea what she could do. To add to her traumas she experienced empty nest syndrome, leaving a big hole in her life once her three children had flown the nest and a distressing move abroad. Having sought the right help Louise has emerged a much stronger, happier woman and has made it her life’s mission to help anyone who knows there is more to life but doesn’t know what that is or where to start.

Experiencing these amazing changes in her life, repairing a lifelong destructive relationship with her mother, turning her finances around and moving from her trading career to where she is now, Louise was invited to become a coach herself and using all her experience and knowledge she decided to concentrate on what she loves best, helping women in their midlife years.

Louise offers women a place of comfort and support taking them through step by step programs where they learn how to create a positive mind set, permanently remove self limiting beliefs, trusting their intuition to achieve those audacious goals.

Her message to all of you is the process is so much easier and less daunting than she could ever have imagined and the change is permanent, this is the driving force behind her passion to share.

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