Professional with 25 Years of Experience in lab Tutoring

Received his Bachelor Engineering  degree from Institute of Telecommunication and Technology – Moscow (Russia) in 1985 and his Masters and PhD in Telecommunication  at the same Institute in 1987 and 1990 respectively dealing with Control and Automation of the SSB Transmitter Gain. From 1991 and 2001 he was Assistant Professor at  Air Force Academy – Borj El Amri (Tunisia). From 2001 and 2012 He was working as Assistant Professor at The College of Telecommunications and  Electronics – Jeddah (KSA). From Sep 2012 – june2015 he was an Electrical Engineering department Chair and  Associate Professor in the College of Engineering - at King Abdulaziz University-North Jeddah Branch. He is Currently Associate Professor in the College of Engineering - Electrical Engineering department at King Abdelaziz University-Main Branch.His research activities include Management of VSAT  (Very Small Aperture Terminal) services such as IP connect and IP access, including INTERNET through the satellite with both types, the ONE-WAY and the 2-WAY. Design and characterization Fractal Patch UWB antenna. Metasurface dielectric resonator.

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