Lori Jill

Portrait Photographer, Artist and Educator

My passion for teaching is fueled not only by my love for photography, Photoshop, art, and business but more importantly by the excitement it gives me to be able to help others succeed and obtain their goals.

I have been involved in education and training quite literally my entire life. As a child, I was raised by two teachers and their passion for helping and educating others has been happily inherited.

Although the focus of most of my training and workshops is on the art of photography, along with post processing techniques, I have also found a lot of enjoyment in sharing my knowledge about business and marketing as well.

After about 15 years in a prosperous corporate career as a trainer and manager for two very large companies, I went to work for myself.

In pursuing my passion for photography I opened a small boutique photography business about 10 years ago. This has allowed me to acquire many skills, not just in photography and post processing, but also in things such as running a small business, marketing, and selling.

Today, I organize and teach 1000's of students throughout the United States. I teach on both the aspiring and professional photography level and most recently decided to move some of my training on-line.

I find that the teaching and coaching aspect of my business has become the most rewarding thing that I do today! I still love the art of creating and I believe I will grow old photographing the world and the people in it. But today I find my motivation comes from being able to help others create and realize their potential..

I'm excited to be an instructor here on Udemy. This platform now enables me to not only reach my current students near and far, but it also allows me to help an even bigger audience.

Please feel free to contact me or add me to any of the social profiles I have connected here on Udemy. I absolutely love to connect with people, so don't hesitate to reach out and say hello or ask a question.

My style of teaching is fun and relaxed, and I try hard not to beat myself up for not being perfect in my speech or recordings. However, I will always aim to make my courses educational, easy to follow, and as concise as possible.

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile,

Lori Jill

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