Lolu Fenuyi

Hip Hop Dancer/Breakdancer/Entrepreneur

Lolu has been dancing since 2008, he is a hip hop dancer as well as a Breakdancer; based in England. Lolu is very passionate about hip hop dancing and since he started dancing he has never stopped. Lolu has danced in front of audiences not just in his home country but also abroad.

Lolu has competed in a couple of dance competitions within his dance classes where he was the winner in the first one and a runner-up in the second. He was invited on 2 occasions while he was at University to compete as part of a team in the University Breakdance Championships (held in the UK) as well as also being invited to compete in talent shows in his University. Lolu graduated from University in November 2014 where he studied Global Business Management for 3 years.

Other than dancing, he is also interested in Music, Football (soccer), Basketball, Tennis and travelling abroad. As an entrepreneur Lolu is now designing online hip hop dance courses for beginners as a way of sharing his knowledge and passion for hip hop dance with people who are interested in learning that style of dance. Lolu's ability as a dancer is always growing as he thrives on learning new styles and continues to develop himself to be the best dancer that he can be.

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