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Hi! My name is Vlad Lobanov.

So, the most important thing to know about me: I'm totally obsessed with vocals and rock music!

Starting from my childhood I used to spent my time in music studios and close to the stage. Mostly because there are a lot of musicians among my family members. So I couldn't do but absorb this atmosphere. Later on I've realized that I wanna be a musician too.

I've decided to become a vocalist starting from the age of 19. I've got classical vocal education but actually this style of music isn't my cup of tea.
Rock music is a mindset of mine!

All the features of rock vocals I've learnt all by myself. It has started out as the cover versions of my favorite songs.

Nowadays I can do a huge ammount of different vocal styles: Clean vocals (different kinds) \ Raspy vocals (Drive\shout) \ Growling (guttural\pig sqeal) \ high pitched screams (different kinds) \ screamo \ harsh (different kinds)

I can do beatboxing stuff as well. But it's just my hobby.

So if you are interested in the same things - welcome to my page! I hope my lectures would be interesting for you!

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