Lina Kompaneetz

MS Access/Vba programmer for 30 years,CLNT-SRVR, SSIS,SSAS

Hello, my name is Lina Kompaneetz. I am an MS Access/Vba programmer for 30 years, developing  Access (pure or frontend to Sql Server), for small  to medium  businesses.  My clients have grown a lot over the years, getting the most from the clear data presentation, focused data management and comprehensive reports. The goal is to help to the max.

Through the systems developed I've had experience in resolving problems which were holding some businesses back. Here're a few of the industries: Music Company, Central concrete laboratory, Investment firm, Accounting office, Food packing and delivery plant, University students' housing and billing, Fine jewelry manufacture.

I believe my MS Access systems are thriving and continue to grow because they are vital and became invaluable to their companies.

I have also taught and helped my less experienced colleagues throughout the years.

My goal is to show how to build MS Access systems that will withstand the test of time – flexible, powerful and innovative.

Building Data warehouse solutions, importing\exporting data with SSIS, OLAP and SSAS - all of these are my tools of trade too.

Power BI, SSRS, Panorama - as OLAP viewers.

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