Liezel Marie

Femme Essence Dance 101

Liezel Marie, Liz for short born and raised in Los Angeles has always been in love and highly involved in the hip hop dance industry and dance community. She has choreographed and danced along side with America Idol singers such as Jessica Sanchez and Chris GoLightly. She has toured, traveled, and taught all around the world with Antics Dance Company spreading the love of hip hop theatre. She is highly involved in dance conventions such as Urban Street Jam, World of Dance, Hip Hop Internationals, Maxt Out, and Soul De Soul. She is also a dancer at Universal Studio Hollywood. Liezel Marie is also associated with the hip hop dance community such as Zulu Maniacs, The Recipe Company, and Project La'Vaude. She currently teaches at LACHSA, Studio School, California State University Northridge, Zulu Dance Foundation, and BoogieZone Utopia. She absolutely loves to teach and spread her knowledge and creativity to the next generation. Her goal is to motivate talented people all over the world to chase after their dreams and reach for their highest stars.

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