Expert Academy

Practical Training by Experienced Experts

We believe that through training and coaching, anyone can be an expert in their profession or field. Our trainers are dedicated experts who share their passion and experience allowing others to grow professionally, obtain better results and successfully reach their goals. Developing your talent is our passion.

The 3 unique assets of Expert Academy

1. Proven expertise

Our trainers are all experts in their field. Many work as senior advisers and consultants. They are experienced and passionate communication professionals, media specialists and management consultants who want their share their knowledge and experience with others. Our trainers and coaches also continually invest in their own development so they can apply the latest methodology and techniques in their training programs.

We are experts in the field of presentation techniques and more specifically the professional use of PowerPoint. Our trainers are professional presenters and keynote speakers, who just love being on stage but what they probably love most is helping you succeed in your next presentation.

2. Focused and powerful training

Time is precious, especially in the business world. Therefore our training programs are concise and powerful, so your busy agenda is not compromised. Expert Academy offers full day training, but you can also opt for a half day personal coaching at the time that suits you best. Our trainers gladly accommodate to your schedule.

3. Practice

The main benefit of our training method is its use of real-life situations and exercise. This approach provides the student with a practical learning experience than can immediately be applied to real life situations.

Companies we have worked for:

DHL, Toyota, SONY, British American Tobacco, Opel, Procter&Gamble, Umicore, McBride, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Braun, Masterfood, Straumann, Philip Morris, BMW, Coca Cola, Brussels Airlines, Nintendo, American Express, BMS, Merck Group


"My goal was to overcome my fear of public speaking and to learn techniques to speak with more confidence. This was one of the best trainings I have recently followed. "

(Staff Responsible Benelux Economic Union)

,, I wanted to get more confident during my presentations, and my expectations after the training were perfectly redeemed. I learned how to build eye contact with the audience and also how to give my presentations more impact. '

(CEO Master Tours)

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