Leo G.

WebCoach | Software Engineer | Web Developer | Web Marketing

My name is Leo and i'm 37, father of 3 beautiful boys. I live in Portugal, more precisely in Madeira Island, the Altantic Pearl (as they call it). My programming passion started when I was 15 and since I never stopped programming, learning all I can. I started working when I was finishing my software engineer university course and fortunately I could apply and learn the stuff that worked in the "real world". After that I've started teaching programming classes and taking all my knowledge to the teens, so they could create beautiful and fully "real world" functional sites.

I become interested also in the wonderfull world of Internet Marketing learning from great mentors and also applying all those learning in the real world with a lot of trial and error. I found that a lot of things works, some depends on the niche and others don't apply to my own style. That's it.

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