Leandro Prates

iOS Developer and Entrepreneur

I’m a Computer Science Graduated with a solid technical and business management background and an MBA on Corporate Finance.

I have almost a decade working as a senior consultant leader (estrategic planning, project management, process management, daily routine, etc…) and 5 years as a entrepreneur in technology (co-founder in two companies and is now starting a new business in technology).

International experience in Luxembourg and Belgium (4 years in Arcelor Mittal).

Here’s a small description of my main experiences:

- Co-founder Executive Director at PRODAP Tech (3.5 years)

I used to lead a 26 people team that innovated the Beef Cattle Management Software Business. I founded the company with another company (PRODAP) as a share holder.

On the first 1.5 years I managed directly the development team, until the company grew and I hired a manager to do so.

At the beginning I had to work coding for mobile as well (iOS).

It's main product (Prodap Taurus) changed the way medium and large Beef Cattle Farms manage it's operations, with over half a milion animals in it's database.

Prodap Taurus connects with ERP systems, automation equipment and was pointed by Texas University Professor Mike Brown (beef catlle authority) as the best product in the world.

- Senior Consultant and Partner at FALCONI Consultores de Resultado (8 years)

FALCONI is the largest management consulting company in latin America.

I started as a trainee and became a partner and senior consultant after 5 years in the company. I use to lead several teams simultaneously in Europe until I decided to quit to start my own company (PRODAP Tech).

- Web Developer at A&C Zargon (1 year)

I use to program Websites for Globo, the main telecommunications company in Brazil (3rd largest in the world) using JSP.

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