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Business management, leadership, tactics and systems have been a major interest and focus of mine my entire adult life and remain so to this day. I have been a lifelong student of personal development and  productivity improvement systems, which I have utilized in every position I have ever held. Over the years I have held a variety of positions in several businesses and as an entrepreneur I have started, owned and operated several companies of my own along the way too. 

Every experience has taught me numerous lessons. Many of these lessons have been not only highly beneficial but also enjoyable - others were learned the hard and painful way, and while they certainly weren't any fun they were still very valuable learning experiences.

I have owned or co owned a number of micro and small businesses including wood crafting, medical claims processing, commercial cleaning, transportation consulting, independent recruiting, real estate investing, and soap and candle making companies.

Many years ago I started my own career in trucking - just as you may be considering doing now. I set out with the intention of making trucking my primary profession and I wanted to learn everything I possibly could about the business of trucking. 

What an interesting journey it has been over the last couple of decades and continues to be even now. Over the course of my years in trucking I have held many different positions including;

Professional Truck Driver

Driver Trainer

Third Party CDL Skills Examiner




Human Resource Director

Safety Director

Transportation Consultant


As a result of all these  experiences and from working with all kinds of people and with hundreds of drivers over many years, I am able to provide you with a unique, complete and multidimensional personal account of exactly what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and for those interested - exactly what it takes to become a professional truck driver, and trucking business owner.

While trucking is a fascinating business that offers many opportunities to you - it will demand much from you in return - and It is NOT the right business for everyone. 

Finding the right business for you is the key.

Once you know what that is you can  then start focusing your efforts on learning the skills and specialized information needed to shorten your learning curve, produce better results faster and help you achieve your own goals.

Life is far to precious and to short to waste working in careers and at jobs you don't like - so find something you do like - that is also profitable - then learn how to get started and just do it! 

Today every lesson I have ever learned from all my personal experiences and studies I now teach in my courses and workshops as well as through my books, manuals and other publications. 

That is my passion in life - helping people who want help get the information they need to build better lives...

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