Laura Moreno Cabanillas

Growth Hacker, Podcast Host, Entrepreneur & Startup Mentor

I love entrepreneurs and I help them succeed!

I am growth hacking expert. I get to know and work for some of the most amazing entrepreneurs in the world. My other passion is teaching and In all the courses I created, I reveal the amazing techniques the best entrepreneurs use to grow and succeed!

My mission in is to help 300 million people be happier and succeed and I hope to count on you too!

My CV:


My name is Laura Moreno and in 2010 I created my first company, Avanza. Applying growth hacking techniques the company grew fast and before I knew, I was working with Fortune 100 companies that searched my advice.

Working for myself, I earned more income than ever before and 5 years later I decided to be a full-time Growth Hacker and to teach others how to grow companies fast applying Growth Hacking techniques.

Growth Hacking Expert

I advise international companies of all sizes on their online presence, particularly on Growth Hacking (GH).

I also teach them how to create internal growth teams, as I firmly believe growth hackers have to belong to the company for optimal results.

General Assembly (GA) Instructor

I teach Growth Hacking at General Assembly New York, a prestigious international education institute for startups. This is an amazing space in the center of New York where I get to meet the fantastic entrepreneurs and startup founders from all over the world.

The Growth Hacking Podcast

In April 2015 I started the Growth Hacking Podcast. It is an amazing experience to talk to the world leaders in startups and growth hacking and I enjoy every single second of it!

Lessons learnt so far? Blogging is still super hot! Focus, focus and focus and keep your eyes on PR!

What others have said about me:

"On top of her expert knowledge in BtoB or BtoC growth startegies, Laura masters the consulting techniques. She asks the rights questions, takes time to understand your problem before making very relevant recommandations." - Nicolas Julia

"Well where to start, Laura was super. Full of great advise for what I am trying to do as a startup in the action sports apparel sector." - Kieran Sammon

"Laura has excellent insight and ideas to help businesses grow. I was impressed with her energy, connections and advice." - Matthew Rolnick

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