Lasha Pataraia

Information Security Expert, Author, Instructor & Speaker

Information Security and Cyber Intelligence expert. Author, Speaker, Instructor and Entrepreneur. Managing 4 security companies around the globe. Including TransatSecurity, Caucasus Academy of Security Experts, Information Security Studies and Analysis Center and PowerTies Consulting Group. Member of Cyber Security forum initiative US and certified policy compliance, vulnerability management and risk assessment specialist. In educational background Mr. Pataraia has the Diplomatic and Legal specialties as well as numerous trainings with certifications from world’s leading companies. Such as IFS, FORS, ORACLE, QUALYS and so on. With qualification of information security analyst and manager, also developer of Enterprise Resource Planning systems and business process analyst. In 2008-2010 He was working in Israeli’s company as a sub-contractor of Ministry of Defence of Georgia, where he was the leading information security analyst. Managing very first projects he was involved in implementation of ERP systems of international brands in the Caucasus region. In 2010 Mr. Lasha Pataraia established the first and so far the only in the Caucasus Information Security Studies and Analysis Center - ISSAC. Recently Mr. Pataraia has published several works on information security and intelligence. In 2012 Mr. Pataraia founded The Caucasus Academy of Security Experts - CASE which is the first and only think tank providing interdisciplinary program of intelligence, antiterrorism and cyber security. Being the author of numerous software products and scientific researches, he implemented a number of successful projects at private and governmental sectors. Mr. Pataraia recently published the first book in Georgia about Cyber Crime –legal and intelligence aspects. He also is an independent consultant working on cyber investigations and legal consulting. In 2014 Mr. Pataraia gathered team of experienced professionals and founded TRANSATSECURITY, where he is a CEO and also security analyst. He also is an instructor in information security and cyber intelligence trainings.

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