Laith Snowbar

Medical student

After ranking in the top 10 in high school exams in my province, I began fulfilling my dream of studying human medicine to become a physician to help people live a healthy wealthy happy life.

So far I've a degree in biomedical sciences from NNU and I'm continuing my higher studies to have a degree of "Doctor in medicine", my aim is to be a pediatric pulmonologist/immunologist helping children and newborns taking their first breaths in life.

Through out my university years I believed that a good future physician should be an active volunteer close to people not a cave man berried under tons of  textbooks and lectures. By joining international and local medical associations ( IFMSA, PFMH, Red Crescent) I participated both in medical voluntary work spreading  awareness of common diseases, chronic illnesses , lifestyle modifications for better life and whole medical campaigns and free medical days all over the country. 

You can't  build an earthbound nation without culture and literature, so I've devoted a part of my time for cultural volunteerism. First, with group of my colleagues I established " Read " club for youth-group reading and humble new writers support, then I was chosen to join the    administrative council of the largest cultural club in my university "Hiraa .. a civilization which began with the word read", one year later I was promoted to be it's managing director until my graduation. 

I've always been gifted in simplifying complicated things illustrating them that everybody can understand and relate to the various topics I present, I used my skills to help my colleagues in school and in university later on, I organized and participated in many introductory courses for junior freshman students helping them beginning their journey in medical studies.

I hope that Udemy can help me reach for as many students as I can thus using my teaching skills to benefit people and make their life better.    


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