Lacey Filipich

Independent Financial Educator

Hi, I'm your Udemy instructor, Lacey. 

During my work as a financial educator I have met dozens, if not hundreds, of people staring down the barrel of bankruptcy after getting themselves into trouble with debt. 

I wish I'd been able to get to them BEFORE they got in such deep strife - a little education goes a long way when it comes to debt. Fortunately, online education offers a wonderful opportunity to help other people before they reach that point.


I created a free course on debt for those that need it taking excerpts from my financial independence curriculum, including a 'how to pay of your credit card debt in 1/10 of the time' strategy. I ran it on my site, Money School, and it's been a roaring success, with feedback like this:

"I've always been afraid of money thinking I just had to make more to get out of debt, little did I know that the gold is in the management of money and not just the making of it. The handouts attached to the course mean all the work is done for you and all you have to do is get disciplined and get it done. HIGHLY recommend Money School."
- Nicky Thomas, Action Strategist

I am thrilled to be able to offer a new and improved version of the course on Udemy for free, so I can reach more people before they reach that crunch point of either debt consolidation or bankruptcy.

--- ABOUT ME ---

I'm a chemical engineer - not the qualification you were expecting, right?

I learned about money from my mother, Fran, as she taught herself about investing during my teens (she's an accountant - that helped obviously). Thanks to her guidance, by the time I was 19 in my second year of my engineering degree I'd saved enough for a deposit on my first home. I bought it, renovated it, and promptly got a roommate, simultaneously become a property owner and landlord before my 20th birthday. 

Cut to 15 years later, I've worked in the mining industry and as a management consultant, and I have continued my love affair with investing. I've expanded into shares and bought more property, and now I don't have to work because I earn a passive income from my assets. 

I started Money School to share the lessons I learned from Fran and from applying what I've learned for the last 15 years. I have remained staunchly independent from all financial institutions, as I believe the way the finance industry operates fundamentally undermines their credibility in offering education (translation: commissions corrupt, and they're rife in finance).

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