KT Caselli

Professional Instructor and Crafting Genius

KT Caselli loves crafting in her spare time from her real profession, teaching adults in the corporate world. Some favorite offline hobbies are building stained glass windows, making mosaics, designing quilts, stenciling and gardening. KT has been enjoying simple and complex projects in stained glass, including built in windows and Tiffany style lamps for the past 20 years. KT knows all the tips, tricks and practice techniques to help you build a unique piece of art to decorate your home or those of your loved ones.

KT Caselli is also a 17 year veteran of the Learning and Development Industry. A certified Trainer and long-time Instructional Designer, KT also has her masters degree and years of public speaking experience. Her experience in classroom teaching and in online learning environments translates very well to teaching Udemy classes.

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