Ksenia Voropaeva

Personal finance|Real estate|Ex-startup director|Ex-finance

Hi, I'm Ksenia. Thanks for checking out my course.

Currently I work for myself, invest in real estate, live off of semi-passive income, and spend most of my time sharing yoga and wellness. 

Just a few years ago, my life was a very different picture. I was still on the 9-to-5 grind, working working working for somebody else, but somehow not saving much of anything, and not feeling fulfilled. I felt trapped in the system of work to live.

Then, in 2 years I completely changed my life. I did something that I didn’t think was possible. I saved over $60,000, bought and renovated a multi-unit property in Brooklyn, moved my mom up to NYC, started working for myself, and doing all of the things that I've wanted to do, while on the path to financial independence.

Prior to this big change in direction, I was the Director of Media Operations at 33Across, a digital media startup based out of NYC. I oversaw digital marketing campaigns for clients ranging from Fortune 1000s to Fortune 100s like AMEX and AT&T.

And before that, I was bootstrapping and building a startup from ground up, doing all things from marketing, to customer service, to business development, to logistics (read: running to post office to mail hand-packaged orders in time). 

In the long ago, I worked in investment banking on Wall Street, which taught me a lot about financial jargon, but nothing about personal finance. Which is funny. Had to figure that one out on my own. But this background did provide solid foundation for future real estate investing.

I'm also an avid Airbnb host in Brooklyn. I've hosted over 300 guests from all over the world, and my space is booking out several months in advance year-round.

Hope you enjoy my course!

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