Kris Lee

3D Artist, Animator and FX Artist

My name is Kris Lee, and I've been in the 3D industry since 2005 when I began teaching myself online. I followed up self-learning by enrolling in Animation Mentor in 2006, which I graduated in 2008. I've worked as a freelancer since 2005, working for various architectural firms in N.Y.C. and L.A, including working as a character animator and video editor for an indie film in 2009. I've also worked on various local commercials and miscellaneous projects for clients across the country.

I want to help others who have a passion for 3D like me and give them a jump-start in the industry. I love horror most of all and enjoy taking what I see in horror films and recreating them in Blender.

Together, we can create some awesome, and horrific, stuff to share with the world!

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