Kopilov Andrey

Excel developer

I'm an Excel developer and trainer. I also run a consultancy business specializing in custom Excel apps and data analytics. Over the years, I've been asked to run so many training sessions on Excel that I finally decided to put my content online. My focus is on helping people get the most out of Excel with the minimum effort, pain, and the least boredom.

Let's face it, using Excel isn't always the highlight of everyone's day. For many it's a constant pain because they have to go to ask the office guru every time they need to do a VLookup, or a Pivot Table. Perhaps they don't even know what a Pivot Table is! My courses are all about helping you to get the most out of Excel, so that you can be faster and more effective with your spreadsheets, without boring you with technical manuals or long form lessons.

There is so much opportunity to improve efficiency, automate tasks, get better data insights, reduce errors, and create happier staff, simply by improving the level of competence in Excel across organizations. I have seen countless Excel classes that focus just on what the various buttons in Excel do and how to use them. I never felt this was enough. Excel users need to know WHEN and WHY they should use these tools, not just HOW. There's also huge scope for to coach Excel users away from common pitfalls and bad practice. I created these courses to provide more comprehensive, training for Excel users of all levels from beginners to seasoned experts.

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