Kimberly Koehler

Business & Life Strategist Speaker | Author | Coach

I’m Kimberly Koehler and for the past 18 years I have been training, coaching and mentoring small business owners and individuals who are looking to grow.

I have been inspiring, teaching and guiding my clients through the various roadblocks that are standing in their way of DOING or HAVING what they want.

I have a unique ability to connect and blend my life experience and extensive business skills with my deep knowledge and understand of human behavior. You will notice as you look through my courses I am bringing you a mix of business and personal development courses. That's because I am on a crusade to help others break fee of what is holding them back and to live the life it is they desire.

If you are looking to create momentum for your life, to grow and develop, and to live the best life possible than join me in my courses and together we will move you in the direction you are looking to grow.

I am recognized as a growth and development leader and have appeared on:

Fox, ABC, NBC, NPR, iVillage and several small and local newspapers and business and lifestyle magazines.

My Why

At 16 I set out on my own after years of being tossed back and forth between my parents and years of emotional and verbal abused by my mother and alcoholic stepmother. At a young age I overcame and broke free of many challenges that most people find shocking.

I started working at 14, managing staff at 15, managing the business at 17, and opened my first successful business at 19. And, yet even with those successes, at a young age I found myself feeling inadequate, unlovable, lonely, and trapped by many of the demons of my childhood. But, I broke free.

In my journey I have experienced great success, failure, love and heartache. I know challenges, I know fear, and self doubt. I also know how to break free, how to define your life and business for you, and how to build the life you dream of. Having been through all I have and knowing there are far to many out there with a similar story who are struggling, I am making it my life's work to not only help others break free but to also build the life they desire.

There is a great power in believing in yourself, facing your fears, breaking free, and having the right tools, training and guidance - this is what I bring my clients and students. I truly believe you can BE, DO, and HAVE both professionally and personally your heats desire.

I look forward to joining you on your journey and connecting with you in my courses.

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