Kevin Moore

Retail Sales & Marketing Expert

Kevin Moore has spent 28 years working in and around retail for manufacturers, retailers and service providers across 44 countries. He walks at least 2,000 stores around the world each year looking at shopper marketing trends. The need to engage, entertain, and inspire shoppers, and shoppers' hunger for change and innovation, is more important than ever before. He has also managed businesses in over 40 countries.

Kevin is regularly quoted in Australian media as an International Retail Expert and is the Retail Expert on a small business show for one of the main Australian free-to-air networks.

He is also a weekly blog contributor to smartcompany and the founder of theROADtoRETAIL - a website dedicated to the shopper experience.

Current Directorships:

Chairman CROSSMARK Asia Pac

Director Now Asia (Singapore) 

Chairman The Advisory Board

Chairman NowComms Group

Shopper Marketing Director Mirador Retail Technology

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