Kevin Clarke

Mentor,Public Speaker,Humanitarian

Hi, My name is Kevin and I'm 39. I was born and raised in England but I've lived most of my life traveling around the globe. I've been involved in internet Marketing for the last 10 years. I started out as an affiliate marketer and started making money within the first week of learning simple systems and implementing step-by-step instructions.

After working for some Marketing Development companies in UK, I finally found my true passion which is... teaching! I started by helping a few friends out by teaching them the basics of Internet Marketing and since then, I developed my own brand and built a good reputation by providing mentoring courses. I never stopped! I'm currently working on a project called Social Media Integrations (under development) with a dedicated and supportive team of online marketers and experts in IT.

Our ultimate focus is to create a online platform where a community of experts and beginners can merge in order to provide the effective online resource system of Internet Marketing. Social Media Integrations will provide education and training in video, and text form. My vision is to provide food, shelter, clothes, and education to the disadvantaged. This will be done through planting resource centers locally, nationally and internationally.

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