Kevin Samuels

Life Style Savant

Fashion has always been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. And a background in professional sales as well as in advertising & marketing was real world training for just how important your appearance is to your success. Every facet of my career taught me the value a great appearance has on your performance and promotion. Whether closing a major deal or crafting a brand identity for a client your appearance counts more than most know. Living and working in Manhattan, Houston, San Francisco, Austin, and Dallas has given me access and perspective with an eye towards fashion.  

So I began my mission and starting doing a lot of research, I realized there weren't many resources for average people to get solid, simple, real-world advice on how to look their best. Sure, there are all kinds of fashion magazines, but there are not any realistic for most of the people out there. People want and need things to be simple, straightforward, and easy.  

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