My 29+ years of experience in the classroom began when I was a very anxious graduate teaching assistant who was suddenly given a teaching role (that's a kind way of saying I was thrown into a classroom full of freshman students). I honestly had no clue what I was doing. But that initial experience revealed something very surprising to me: I enjoyed teaching. I still wasn't that good at it, but I enjoyed it.

So I worked harder, studied, experimented and gradually allowed more of my personality to come through in the classroom. That growth allowed me to develop a brand-new undergraduate class (while still a graduate student) and inspired me to eventually take on an adjunct instructor position - while working a full-time job and pursuing a 2nd Masters degree.

Over the last 12 years, my focus has been on corporate training, as I both introduced and led the use of Facilitation as the primary training methodology at Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating.

During that time, I designed a number of unique and effective training programs. And for 7 of those years, I designed and facilitated a Train-the-Trainer workshop specifically focused on our internal and external instructors. To date, 700 participants have completed that workshop.

My first Udemy course, Facilitation Basics: Engaging Adult Learners, reflects the core content from my live Train-the-Trainer workshop.

Little to no student engagement and a lack of creativity in the design and delivery of training programs are the two biggest issues that I focus on. I can teach you how to easily and consistently engage your students, while creating a fun learning experience for both your students and yourself!

I have designed and facilitated multiple training workshops, team-building and employee engagement events. I also write about creating engaging, memorable and unexpected learning experiences on my blog (see website link below). 

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