Kamal Thakur

Embedded System Engineer, Instructor


My name is Kamal thakur, I am an Electronics Engineer and electronic hobbyist with an interest in making embedded systems, Robotics understandable and enjoyable to other enthusiasts of all experience and knowledge levels. 

Industrial automation engineer with knowledge from Information Technologies to Industrial Automation.

Experienced with project design, development & commissioning, product & application technical support, training & consulting services with international environment.

Always eager to learn, I invested a lot of time in learning and teaching, covering a wide range of different scientific topics. Being an electronics engineer, Today I am passionate about data science, artificial intelligence and deep learning for Robotics. I will do my very best to convey my passion for data science to you. I have gained diverse experience in this field. I spent one year doing research in machine learning, working on innovative and exciting projects.

Looking forward to working together!

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