Justin Gilson

I.T. Professional, Radio Host and All Around GEEK

Justin Gilson is an I.T. Wiz. Justin has over 15 years of experience in Computer Repair, Networking, Network Security, Infrastructure Design, Automated Deployment, Graphic Design and recently Web Design.

Justin grew up in a military family. Before the end of his fathers long career in the Air Force, his family had moved 16 times in 18 years, leaving little time to make friends or commit to anything for longer than a year. Because of moving and settling in so many different places, Justin spent a lot of time on his father’s computer, a Commodore-64. For those that don’t remember or even know what that computer is, just know that it was way before you could just point and click on something. You had to type tons of commands just to play a horribly pixelated game. A game that was actually stored on “floppy” disks when they were literally still floppy. That old computer wasn't enough to deter Justin from playing his games, in fact it’s what created the geek that he is today.

Justin was troubleshooting and fixing computers at the age of 12. He started small with configuring dialup internet connections and home networks for family and friends and troubleshooting their issues if the internet did not work. He constantly tweaked his family’s home computer, pushing it’s limits and figuring out every combination of keystrokes you could throw at it.

Justin began his official Geek career at the age of 14 as an “Ethical Hacker/Network Security Consultant" for the Camas School District in Camas, Washington. He was tasked with trying to find security holes in the Windows NT operating system and report them to the I.T. Department so they could prevent students from exploiting those security holes. That very summer he was asked to work at the school district as full-time summer help setting up computers. That was Justin's first job and also where he learned to write his first script to automate the deployment of software to a classroom full of computers. From that point on Justin was hooked on computers.

He is just a naturally brilliant mind and has always been able to think like a computer. Justin has even been known to troubleshoot computers with his eyes closed just to make it fun for him. This is not something he does all the time, don’t worry, he still takes it very seriously. In fact, problem solving has become a way of life for Justin. He eats, sleeps, breathes and lives to troubleshoot and figure out solutions to problems. His favorite saying is “It isn’t a problem, unless there is a solution” by none other than TV’s very own MacGuyver.

Bring your problems to Justin and he will find a way to fix it. If he can’t, he’ll be losing sleep over it until he can fix it.

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