Judith Varga

Hungarian Kiwi

I am a New Zealander of Hungarian descent with an interest in Hungarian language and culture. I have made several trips back to Hungary to visit family and friends and two to study Hungarian at the month-long Debrecen Summer School.

The discipline involved in singing with my Hungarian family made me realize that learning songs is a great way of reinforcing language skills. It just needs someone to select the right songs in the right order and add the necessary grammatical points. That would be me.

When you do my language courses, you will be gaining insights from someone who is both within and outside the Hungarian culture. I can think like an English speaker – and recognize some of the potential issues; I can compare Hungarian with other (human) languages I have dabbled in; and there is also a deep background with family who still live in Hungary and enjoy discussing (among other things) the language and music.

My initial training was as an Electrical Engineer and I have worked as such as well as a Software Engineer. Both of these taught skills in analysing and simplifying large amounts of information. In addition, I am a trained High School teacher; I have a Certificate in Dance Teaching; and have completed courses in Adult Tutor Training. When not programming, I still teach computer skills as well as exercise and dance. So, not only can I analyse and create courses - I have current experience teaching a range of topics to adults.

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