Josh Ludin

eCommerce entrepreneur, Subscription eCommerce Professional

Founder of Blind Surprise and Cool Things Addict, both companies in the online gifting space. My goal is to help students, particularly young college graduates, realize their abilities to build and run profitable online businesses and stay away from creativity-draining cubicle jobs.

I started in eCommerce and Internet Marketing as a senior in college, and then worked a corporate job for about 4 years. I decided It was time to travel and explore, so I began my second eCommerce venture, Blind Surprise, with the hope of building a lifestyle business. Through unconventional internet marketing strategies, we grew the business and have since started Cool Things Addict as a secondary project to promote individual gifts and innovative products.

Nothing hurts me more than watching young, thriving college graduates get thrown into cubicle jobs and drain away their creativity. I'm working hard to get in front of grads and show them their true potential, and how they can turn a fun idea into a successful business.

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