Josh Hesse


Like so many who have gone before him, Joshua David Hesse (we call him Josh for simplicity sake) moved to Nashville in 2004 to pursue his interests in the music industry. Despite his best efforts to change the culture, it turns out clarinet (Josh’s primary instrument) just does not represent the sound country music fans prefer. In an effort to provide for his family Josh served tables at various restaurants in the Nashville area (a supposed badge of honor among musicians). His hard work ethic eventually led him up the ranks at the Gaylord Opryland hotel where he stepped into his first management experience.

While serving tables Josh worked with his friend, and soon to be business partner Jeremy, learning to trade stocks and options. Together, they would meet after work (approximately 2 AM) and work on their trading together. After perfecting a few skills the two began sharing with others their love of trading and the techniques they had discovered and developed. By February 2009, the sharing with friends turned into sharing with many, and TradeSmart University was born.

Undoubtedly you have heard Josh’s voice resonating through webinars and videos at TradeSmart. He has contributed to all of our training programs and is directly responsible for Total Fibonacci Trading, Trader Conditioning Bootcamp, and Fibs in 4, and is a regular contributor to Power Trader Live, Trading Labs, and the TradeSmart University Mastery series.

A conversation with Josh will often lead to a random, somewhat awkward, pointing out of a fibonacci sequence in nature. Otherwise he’s a pretty great hang! In his personal life nature is quite important, as he spends much of his time clearing lumber on his land, hunting for wildlife to eat, or helping to raise a portion of his 5 children. Much to the surprise of many, the Hesse’s raise these kids without a single television in the house.

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