Joseph Gelfer

Researcher of men and masculinities

Dr Joseph Gelfer is a researcher in the area of men and masculinities, with a special interest in spirituality. He has a BA from the University of Bristol (UK) and a PhD from Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand). He currently resides in Melbourne (Australia) where he has been an Adjunct Research Associate at Monash University.

Joseph's books include Numen, Old Men: Contemporary Masculine Spiritualities and the Problem of Patriarchy and 2012: Decoding the Countercultural Apocalypse. His latest book is Masculinities in a Global Era published in 2013 in Springer’s International and Cultural Psychology series.

Some of the print and broadcast media that have featured Joseph's work include:

  • TV: SBS, Sky, Seven Network, Channel 10, Channel 31.
  • Radio: BBC, ABC (national and local network), numerous local stations.
  • Print: The Guardian (UK), Spirituality & Health (US), Fate (US), Nexus (Aus), Conscious Living (Aus), Rainbow News (NZ), Fortean Times (UK), The Age (Aus), The Conversation (Aus), VoiceMale (US), The Tablet (UK).
  • Academic journals: The Journal of Men’s Studies, NORMA: Nordic Journal for Masculinity Studies, Paranthropology, CrossCurrents, New Proposals: Journal of Marxism and Interdisciplinary Inquiry, Feminist Theology, Journal of Alternative Spiritualities and New Age Studies, British Association for the Study of Religions Bulletin, Reviews in Religion & Theology, Religion and Gender, Nova Religio, Relegere, Journal of Contemporary Religion, Zeitschrift für Anomalistik, Australian Journal of Parapsychology, Journal for the Academic Study of Religion.

Joseph also provides one-on-one coaching around the issues of masculinity, spirituality and writing (in person in Melbourne or via Skype anywhere else).

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