Joseph Brenig

Gemologist and Diamond Grading expert

I want to make sure you are getting what you paid for!!!

As a Diamond dealer, I see that the general population can spend a fortune on diamond jewellery without actually understanding what they're buying. Jewellers taking advantage of the ignorance and the online stores luring people with cheap prices!

Learn from my experience!

Would you not want to be totally confident of the quality of your diamond?

Understand how to get the best and the biggest by understanding what increases the value, which qualities make a difference and which ones just add expenses!

My experience

After having studied at the foremost authority on Diamonds, GIA, I have been dealing,sorting and grading thousands of diamonds continuously. Understanding the diamonds is only half of the story, understanding the client is the other half. Armed with the 'know how' of both I have given courses to jewelers to help them expand their diamond sales. Whatever one cannot pick up in school, I have learnt from experience and two colleagues who have over 35 years experience each.

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