Joseph Angelo Todaro

Art Director & Software Instructor

My entire life I have been aware of one very simple principle; sometimes information vibes with people, and sometimes it does not.

I have a passion for making information resonate.

It all starts with how people think. With how humans work. As humans we have learned how to read and write and while that is incredible, we are also already hard-wired to do some things a bit more "automatically". We are animals – designed to see things things as a whole. To start with a big picture and build understanding as we break it down. To learn from the visual. The spacial. The tangible.

Information can be all of these things. The difference is design.

I am a software instructor and designer who uses the art of design to nurture effective communication. Through 5,000+ hours of face-to-face teaching for the largest software company in the world and 10+ years of exploring the visual arts, I have learned to make information work for people.

"People ignore design that ignores people." - Frank Chimero

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