Joseph Armetta


Joseph has been playing guitar professionally for many years, in New York, Montana and Missouri. For 30 years he has been performing, recording, teaching, studying and composing. Learning is a lifelong process.

While at the Aaron Copland School of Music, he studied guitar with William Matthews. He also studied with Edward Smaldone, Henry Wienberg and Bruce Sailor. With Edward Smaldone, a Composition professor who composed his own music compositions via computer, Joseph was introduced to midi composition realizations.

In New York as a performer Joseph can be heard on many recordings. Joseph was a founding member of the Long Island avant garde duet, Inner Landescapes and the experimental music band QUIET featuring Cathedral keyboardist, Tom Doncourt.

He taught guitar at the University of Montana for eight years. He studied with composer Patrick Williams and Digital Tech Guru Dennis Thermond. Joseph has also composed for television, radio, stage productions and small films. He composed the score for "I Am the Longs", the winning feature film at the 2006 PAH-FEST film festival. He also scored and performed a theater production of Anton Checkhov's Three Sisters.

He can also be heard accompanying the grandchildren of Maria Von Trapp on the Von Trapp Children Vol 1, Charlie Russell's MONTANA!, and Off The Wall, The New Jubes & Virtual Orchestra.

In Missouri, he was a regular solo jazz guitar performer at local wineries and ran jam sessions for CMSU music students around town. He has also made several performance appearances on the radio KOKO show “Uncorked". He also studied improv privately with composer, arranger, bandleader, pianist Michael Pagán. At the Conservatory at UMKC he studied classical guitar with Doug Neidt.

In Colorado, Joseph performs with the SLV Big Band. He continued to work with students on jazz performance. He led and continues to lead jam sessions in Alamosa and Monte Vista for students and local jazz enthusiasts. He also directed and arranged tunes for the Adams State Jazz Band and the theater production of "The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis De Sade."

You can hear a sampling of some of Joseph's work at SoundCloud.

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