Frank Ideaquirk

Designer at Ideaquirk

I've been working as graphic designer for more than ten years. I love to explore all fields of digital communication and that's why I studied motion graphics, sound design and game design as well. I'm a positive person and I think that good ideas will change the world.

I'm passionate about digital art in all its aspects (graphical, sound and interactive). My path began about ten years ago when I started to draw my first covers for CD and posters for musical events. Driven by the evolution of technology and the media, I began to work on video material, dealing with the post-production and the editing of music videos. At the same time I was studying Sound Design at the music academy of Como (Italy), developing my strong interest in the soundtrack and Visual Music.

After I have finished my studies, I decided that graphic design would have been my next step to build my career. So, I started my activity as freelance graphic designer. This choice brought me a lot of satisfaction, and made me know Ideaquirk staff, an amazing group of young people with brilliant ideas.

My experience goes from logo creation, to brochure and website restyling.

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