Jon Webby

Professional Security Expert

A little introduction to myself. I have been working on computer for the whole of my life. The moment I have learn to use a computer I have dabble with it. As young as 8 years old when there is no Smartphone no Windows. Microsoft was still at a infant stage when all computer is running Dos 5.0.

I look thru all the command and execute all the game. Cracking all the copy protection (yes game at those time is copy protected by floppy disk) I amaze usually my parent and older adult. They are always wondering where did I learn all this. There wasn't internet yet not in those days, Some BBS is running. And from making friend with the hardware store. I learn how to disassemble a computer, tear all out and put it back in, I was even working free for a period of time just so I could learn about all the different kind of hardware.

Fast forward 30 years later. Technology changes, no longer is anybody using a floppy disk or even know what is a floppy disk. As technology advance so does the security compromise. In the 80s, your secret stay on your PC since there is no way a computer that is not link to anyway can get your secret out. In today, we are all connected to the Internet by PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Iphone, Tablets, even if you have anti virus or security suite install, can you believe you are staying anonymous?

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