Jonathan Rasmusson

The Agile Samurai

Jonathan is an experienced software engineer who has helped some of the world’s most innovative companies ship software.

As an Agile Coach for Spotify in Stockholm, Jonathan coached the TV platform team (responsible for bringing Spotify to the Sony Playstation) and the car team (responsible for putting Spotify in the BMW, Ford, and Telsa).

As an engineer for Spotify in Silicon Valley Jonathan currently builds application integrations for some of Spotify’s most valued partners (Facebook, Twitter, and Apple).

As an engineer at Microsoft, Jonathan worked with the Progressive Architecture Team to develop the Microsoft Smart Client Architecture Guide.

While working at ThoughtWorks, Jonathan regularly travelled the world helping companies in the energy (British Petroleum), finance (AMP Capital), automotive (Toyota) industries all take their first tentative steps into Agile.

Jonathan is the author of two top selling agile books: The Agile Samurai and The Way of the Web Tester. He is always looking for new ways to share what he has learned.

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