John D Spinks

Relationship Coach

John's background includes over forty business ventures in a search for what would give him satisfaction and fulfilment in his life. Ironically, John didn't discover this until his marriage failed in 2005 when he realised that the satisfaction and fulfilment he was looking for, came through the burning desire, passion and gift to help people who are suffering in their relationships.

A single minded focus developed to discovering the answer to a seemingly impossible question - 'What could it be, that would truly help people most effectively, in their relationships / marriages?' A question that if answered, would have far reaching consequences on the world today with people really understanding the reasons relationships fail and what they can do to prevent this.

The answer when it came was an astounding discovery.

John's journey led him to qualify as a Master Life Coach with the International Coaching Academy and gain a First-Class Honours Degree. His goal was to turn this answer into something that was real, simple and was able to reach the most amount of people. This led him to organise focus groups, conduct over five hundred interviews, study countless books and courses and start a relationship coaching company. His research developed into a 21 simple literal steps course, making 'The Answer' as easy and accessible as possible for anyone to follow.

And here it is.

John is believing the very best for you and your relationship future.

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