John Missikos

Engineer and Inventor

I have always been more curious than a cat. After blowing up my TV as a kid, electrocuting myself taking apart a record player and trying every setting in on my computer to see what happened there was only one career for me, I became an engineer.

As an Electrical / Mechatronic engineer I have worked on mine sites, rigs and remote locations building control systems driving large compressors, medium pumps and tiny electronics.

My passion for inventing and teaching have led me to share what I know. I teach in person and online to inventors, artists, and hobbyists. I have built many items for people including a automatic cocktail machine, a physical Facebook like counter, and farm tracking equipment.

I am a big fan of the internet of things (IoT) and you will usually find me connecting everything to the internet. Feel free to say hi, I look forward to meeting you.

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