Jan Marc

The MS Office Trainer

Over 15 years of experience in Excel packaged in one online course.

I started using Excel in university when studying Business Statistics. While using MS Excel extensively I gained a deep understanding of the power of MS Excel.

After university I started working as a corporate trainer for a large automotive group in Germany where I taught Excel on a daily basis in a practical environment to controllers, sales people and business executives for over 5 years.

Training over 10.000 People in in-Person Workshops

After realizing how much I enjoyed teaching and truly understanding how to apply the right concepts in order for people to understand the essences of Excel, I set out and started my own business education company. After working with over 10.000 individuals on in-person workshops over the course of 7 years I am now bringing my knowledge online in order to reach and teach even more people.

Practical Approach to Teaching

My approach is always practical. The student needs to experience everything he learned firsthand in order to really grasp and understand the concepts taught to him. That's why all my courses include practical exercises which the student will solve throughout the course, interaction with me and a truly detailed look at all the topics that are covered.

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