John Pagulayan is a 30 year old Internet Marketer (turning 31) and a Research Specialist.

He was born in Manila, Philippines and went on to study at the University of the Philippines which is a premier state university as an engineer.

He is a husband and a father of a 7 year old kid to whom he dedicates much of his work. He's a frustrated rock and roll superstar wannabe who happens to play a mean guitar and has been doing gigs sparingly.

He started creating his own information product by the age of 27 and has been a consultant and a research specialist for ads and promotions for his offline clients. And after a year, he brought his expertise online and has been a coach and a mentor for several clients in building their own online business from scratch.

He has a total of 3 years of experience in researching and the consulting business with copywriting as his side gig.

As of the moment, he is working as a Trainer for several BPO industries and has no plans of stopping working 9 to 5 because that is where he gets most of his clients from and he plans to bring what he learns offline when it comes to establishing an online business.

His hobbies are: basketball, traveling and playing in the band.

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