John Van Auken


John Van Auken is the Director of the Edgar Cayce Foundation. He is a columnist for the Venture Inward magazine, and author of more than twenty books and manuals. He is considered an expert in Egyptian, Jewish, and Christian mysticism and a skillful teacher of meditation—including basic "magic silence," energy-moving kundalini, and Cayce's unique “passage in consciousness" methods. Over forty years he has become a popular leader of retreats, workshops, and seminars. His topics include spirituality, reincarnation, ancient mystical practices, rejuvenation of the body, dreams, meditation, prophecy, mysticism, and of course Edgar Cayce's concepts. He has appeared on several television and radio programs, including the FOX show Opening the Tomb Live from Egypt, Modern Marvels' The Pyramids, PBS's Religion Today and Spiritual Alternatives, several shows on the The History Channel, including two appearances on “Digging for the Truth," Discovery and the SciFi Channel, including the popular show “Quest for Atlantis." He is a popular leader of sacred-site tours to Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Europe, the Mayan lands, American Mounds, and other sacred sites around the planet.

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