Realtor Joe Ramirez

Marketing Awesomeness and Real Esate Agent

My name is Joe Ramirez I am a Real Estate agent and events consultant and the owner of Reforma Living and Contagious Social LLC. I live in Tucson, AZ and I would love to help you make MONEY!!

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What qualifies me to share my experience with you on Udemy?

  1. For three years, I have been an entrepreneur online working mostly with social and content marketing to sell real estate. I started with no experience, no clients, no networking, and no idea of what value I could give to the world.
  2. In these three years, I have managed thousands of ads on Facebook, found hundreds of clients in nearly every US state, Canadian province, and more than twenty countries. You can count on me to honestly share with you the best of what I have learned that works to build a company online especially with Facebook and Instagram!!
  3. In 2014, I have committed to learning to be one of the most influential internet marketers in the world on social media because I want you to have the same opportunities I have had to be successful and because you keep telling me that I should keep creating more for you! I have found a system that works exceptionally well to build Twitter followers which combined with my Facebook and Instagram experience gives me a klout score of 65 which is at minor celebrity level and on par with the most influential social media marketing and digital marketing professionals in the world. I also have learned how to drive huge amounts of organic Google and YouTube traffic to my website every month. I teach these courses with the best of what I have learned that already works for me for you to use for yourself.

What experience prepared me to be successful online?

  1. I Studied Business Mangement at the University of Arizona
  2. I Studied Strategic Marketing at Ryerson University
  3. I have a Social Media Strategist Certification from Delaware Technical & Community College
  4. I am an Army Veteran with experience in leading men and women in combat.
  5. And Lastly I have 3 kids and one being 16 years old :)

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