Joel Salom

founder of Chuka Chuks

I've had the good fortune of a 20 year career, travelling the world, doing what I love. As a comedy juggler, inventor, comedian, robot operator and actor I've performed in over 15 countries in theatres, Circus Big Tops and out door festivals. Currently I continue to tour nationally and internationally.

Back in 1997 I got one hell of a buzz and my first experience of juggling rhythms in Bondi, Australia.

Even back then, with 3 egg shakers and some very basic grooves, Australian musician Michael Lira and I had a total blast juggling rhythms together. To this day, there’s nothing I love more than juggling rhythms with live musicians. It’s the most amazing feeling.

In the last 15 years I've had that buzz playing shows all around the world, in all musical styles, with all kinds of musicians - and all the time developing better shaker balls and plenty of moves and grooves.

The humble percussion eggs took me from Zimbabwe to the States, Singapore to Australia, Hong Kong to Germany with every performance learning new ways to create music while I juggled.

After a 15 year search and hundreds of hours of experimentation with jugglers, musicians and general groovers, we've finally come up with the ultimate juggling percussion balls.

Chuka Chuks are super strong, feature 3 different tones and come in 2 different sizes - which means there are hundreds of thousands of beats, rhythms and grooves just waiting to be discovered.

I’m so stoked to be sharing these guys with the world and can’t wait to hear your own stories of where the Chuka Chuks take you!

Have fun catching the rhythms!

Joel Salom

founder of Chuka Chuks

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