Joanne Reid

Software Instructor and Writer

Technology and Writing

I began my working life as a writer and became fascinated with technology. The first technology for me involved a portable manual typewriter. I needed to be able to work anywhere.

Among my certifications, the one that was the most difficult to obtain was my Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) designation. Even though, I "retired" from an international consulting company in 2003, I continued to apply the intense knowledge learned during the CISSP training to my business life.

Living the Simple Lifestyle

Part of working anywhere meant that I learned to keep my lifestyle simple and streamlined. I like to find the easiest (and cheapest) way to keep things running smoothly.

I had a small computer repair shop where I revived computers that people thought were dead or at least non-functioning. When I realized that 90% of the computers that came into the shop were suffering from malware attacks, I found ways that people can prevent this kind of disruption in their computer world.

How I Learned

I became involved in computers in 1981 when there were not many choices for home computers. I grew up with home computing and learned each new rendition and release as it appeared. By 1989, I was teaching people how to use WordPerfect in an office setting.

By 1995, I was learning how to build websites. By 1997, I was a contract instructor for the biggest names in software training. In the new century, I was a consultant for CGI, an independent information technology and business process services firm.

In 2003, I "retired" from working in an office and ghostwrote and fixed computers and turned to seeking the simple lifestyle.

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