Jessica Irey

Artist/Designer/Reiki Master/Health and Wellness Coach

I am 28 years old. I graduated in 2012 with a Bachelors degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Rhode Island. Over the years I have developed various landscape designs geared towards healing the human mind, body, and soul with the use of edible landscapes and elements of nature. In 2015 I received my certification as Reiki Master and have been practicing the art of Reiki for over 5 years. My personal passion deals with the science of energy fields and quantum physics which led me to understanding how Reiki is possible and how it is created or designed. I am currently continuing my education at the Holistic Institute for Integrative Nutrition Online to become certified as a health and wellness coach. After living in a permaculture community on the Big Island of Hawaii for a month, a friend and I decided to create an edible permaculture farm in Southkingstown, RI. The overall goal is to educate the community about using food as medicine. You can find us on Facebook at Green Goddess Farm. Every plant that is planted I have personally used Reiki on, as plants love love love its energy. I am also an artist and will soon have some art to purchase. I am also apprenticing to become a part time tattoo artist. Life is filled with abundance and opportunity, and in my life they just kept coming so instead of choosing one, I decided to choose them all! I am in love with life and all of its magic, and I am here to teach people about how to love themselves and become open to the universal magic that resides within. :) :)

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