Jeremy Woodall

Coach and Trainer

To date, I have accumulated a broad range of experience during my working life and now predominantly operate as an independent coach, trainer and consultant.

Before embarking on my first career and at the age of 18, I spent a year travelling and working in Southern Africa, Asia and the Far East. It was however during the subsequent five and a half years, serving as a Royal Marine Commando Officer, that I developed a keen interest in human potential and the psychological, physical and emotional factors that affect our performance. So upon completion of my commission, I decided to resume studies and re-train as a therapist and coach.

By 2001, four years after leaving the military, I had qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, NLP Master Practitioner and Physical Training Instructor and after initially following a therapeutic framework, I quickly moved to a coaching model with clients. Today, 13 years on, I feel very privileged to have worked with some amazing individuals and remain enthused by my coaching work, humbled by the ever present learning curve that one experiences in this field.

In addition to my coaching and training work, I am however also very fortunate to have been able to develop much commercial experience, having been involved with new business ventures, as well as being engaged as a consultant in both the commercial, government and humanitarian sectors. This variety has seen me living and working abroad, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Jordan, Italy and France, as well as the UK. Always keen to take on new challenges, I have been lucky enough to find projects and challenges that have really promoted positive change and often involved the support and development of people, businesses and ideas.

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