Jeremy OConnell

Information Technology Experienced Professional

I have a vast array of experience dealing with Information Technology going back to 1986. In addition I have taught computer classes both online and in person. Since 1998 I have been working in production environments.


I am skilled with PHP programming (creating dynamic web applications, fully handwritten CMSes, middleware including API integrations, plus editing and maintenance of countless existing 3rd party projects), Perl programming (although not as much these days), MySQL administration, server administration including Solaris, FreeBSD, and several linuxes: RedHat Enterprise, CentOS, and Oracle Linux. I have fully installed and setup many *nixes including dealing with library issues and hand compiling of software like Apache, PHP, OpenSSL, Curl, etc. Some of my many other skills include system hardware building, DNS, POP3, cPanel/WHM (although I equally like the command line), VOIP, wireless network setup and security, SSL, encryption, digital security, ecommerce (including merchant accounts and payment gateways), video creation, general understanding of graphic design, ZFS, computer security such as antivirus and antispyware including helping individuals and companies fight off infections, application optimization (Memcache, APC (opcode)), and the list goes on.

I also hold some industry certifications via CompTIA (A+, Net+, iNet+) and received training from Oracle University's OCP DBA program. Finally I love technology and continue my quest of learning, experimenting, and deploying technology of all kinds.

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