Hello everyone, I was raised in Japan and lived there until middle school graduation before I moved to New Zealand. I have lived in New Zealand ever since and I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Auckland.

Teaching Japanese has always been one of my interests since I came to New Zealand because I was really amazed when I found out how popular Japanese anime, manga, food etc are overseas all over the world. I also came across a lot of people who would like to get to know more about Japan and learn Japanese. Being a bilingual native Japanese speaker, I decided to teach Japanese in my free time. I used a very popular website here in Auckland to find students that were interested in Japanese tuition. I have been doing 1 on 1 tutoring with people here in NZ for many years now.

Being a native speaker, I will focus on providing you with lessons and guidance that are useful and effective in real-life situations where you need to speak/listen/read Japanese, such as conversations in Japanese in different contexts, watching Japanese movies, anime, reading manga, viewing Japanese websites and so on. I can give you tips and advice on the common mistakes foreigners make, the differences between what you learn 'on book' and what actually happens in Japan, so you know you are spending your time and effort on the 'right' things.

Now that I have some experience in teaching, I want to take my Japanese teaching to the next step and reach a wider audience, which is the reason I chose Udemy.

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